Overall benefits of using Cellan Diet

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The commonly known African Mango is native to the West African region. In the botanical world it is known as Irvingia or Irvingia gabonensis. Natives of the West African region have been using African Mango for many centuries to thicken soup and other dishes. Unknown to the natives at the time, that edible seed in African Mango contains an incredible amount of leptin, an ingredient closely associated with improving metabolism and help to suppress appetite, according recent research. Visit Dr. Michele.com to obtain additional information and to review articles about African Mango & Cellan Diet.

Cellan Diet contains African Mango as its main ingredient and therefore, the supplement provide leptin when used. Cellan Diet also carries other ingredients including 100 percent green tea extract, Vitamins C and B3, and an exclusive berry blend. Green tea contains higher percentage of EGCG, an anti-oxidant. Vitamins C and B3 provides minerals that are needed in your body for proper functioning and to maintain metabolism. The berry blend also provides an added security with its anti-oxidant power. Cellan Diet contains proper balance of these ingredients and together they fight to stop harmful fat production in the body and provide you with an improved metabolism.


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