Why Retainers Are Not as Effective as Dental Braces

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Article by Remarkable Smiles

Some people may think the terms retainer and dental braces are interchangeable, but any experienced dentist or orthodontist can tell you why these two terms don’t mean the same thing. Retainers may look similar to dental braces, but they are not designed for the same purpose. This is why retainers cannot solve the most severe dental problems, such as malocclusion (misaligned bite), dental overcrowding, overbites, and underbites.

Retainers have several key differences from dental braces. Unlike dental braces, they are not designed to be worn 24/7. They are designed for easy removal during tasks such as eating and brushing teeth. Because they are made from less sturdy materials and not attached to patients’ teeth using tight wires and/or glue, retainers do not exert as much pressure on your teeth.

For this reason, retainers are inadequate for fixing severe tooth misalignment. They may be capable of fixing one or two misaligned teeth, but retainers are most effective as a post-dental brace treatment. Orthodontists often prescribe retainers to keep patients’ teeth aligned as their gums and teeth recover after years of using dental braces. Retainers may not be the best for moving teeth, but they are effective at preventing teeth from moving.

Dental patients will likely need the counsel of an experienced dentist or orthodontist before choosing the right treatment for their dental issues. Be sure to consult with a dental professional to find out if a retainer or dental braces are adequate to treat your misalignment.

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