How leptin helps to lose weight?

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Controlling Leptin leads to weight loss and Cellan can help to maintain leptin in your body.

Understanding how leptin works is the key to weight management more specifically weight loss. Researchers at Rockefeller University were able to identify what we now call leptin in 1994. Leptin is a hormone that sends signals to the brain to do certain things. Leptin is made in your white adipose tissue or stored fat in your body. The conventional thinking on fat was it helps to store energy. But new findings reveals that fat is a metabolic organ similar to thyroid or adrenal glands. Leptin travels in your blood delivering signals to the brain indicating how much fuel you have in your body. In other words, the brain relies on leptin signals to maintain the overall nutrition level of the body. But, if the signal system is broken like in obese people it results in consuming more food contributing to added weight. In addition to sending signals to the brain, leptin also plays a role in immune system, thyroid function, stress, reproduction and adrenal function. Cellan Diet Pills can help you to maintain low leptin level due to ingredients such as green tea extract and African mango.


Green tea to help you to lose weight

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The Internet is buzzing with information and articles how green tea can help you to lose weight. Many researchers found that chemicals unique to green tea known as catechins are the main reason why green tea is able to help to lose weight. Why not use green tea rich Cellan to reduce weight? Green tea is also credited with power to lower damage caused by free radicals according to a report published in the Journal of Cardiology.

Cellan contains 100 percent green tea extract, powdered inner parts of African Mango, an exclusive berry blend and Vitamin C and B3. Among these ingredients, green tea has been the mostly linked to weight loss, increased body metabolism and to contain antioxidants that your body need. While green tea’s capabilities are well known and proven by many researchers, other ingredients in Cellan are also helping you to lose weight. African Mango has been used for many centuries by the natives of the West African region for their cooking and use as a weight loss ingredient. It is known to have appetite suppression qualities that help to lose weight. Watch a YouTube video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykkm0E_pLsk to obtain additional information about Cellan.