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What are the signs and symptoms that a child needs braces?

Article by Remarkable Smiles According to the American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) children as young as seven should visit an orthodontist for their first consultation. Although an orthodontist cannot treat a child at such a young age, they will be able to recommend preventative methods that will help a child’s teeth and jaw grow correctly, while addressing future concerns. Signs... [Read more]

How to achieve a perfect smile

A beautiful smile has a lot to do with healthy white teeth and strong gums. Perfecting your smile will involve brushing your teeth twice daily with fluoride toothpaste. Additionally, a healthy diet that is low in sugar can contribute to strong white teeth and gums. To reduce staining, consume less or eliminate teeth-staining foods such as coffee, caffeine products, and smoking. Stain removal... [Read more]

Here are 5 steps you should take if you think you have COVID-19

Article written by Francis Dunn, Miami, FL The virus is still on the rise, although many people have been vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine. If you are exposed to the virus, you should know what to expect and how you can treat yourself at home. Firstly, if you have spent a minimum of 15-minutes in total within 24 hours with someone who is experiencing symptoms or who has tested positive,... [Read more]

Why and when to replace your mattress?

Blog provided by The Foam Factory. Your mattress directly affects the quality of your sleep as well as impacting your health and quality of life. As we spend a third of our lives sleeping, a mattress that sags, dips, or is uneven can interfere with a good night’s sleep. Studies have shown a direct connection between poor sleep quality and a person’s health, as inadequate sleep... [Read more]

How to Find Abundance in your Spiritual Life

silhouette of female hands during sunset. Concept of life Each human being has a soul but this is an area where many of us lack wisdom and understanding. What is the soul? Where is it? How do we bring lasting joy and peace to our soul? Is the soul eternal? These are questions that many people have. Even preachers and spiritualists often have trouble answering these weighty questions. How it... [Read more]

Quick and easy ways to clean and disinfect rattan furniture

Blog provided by Wicker Paradise As COVID-19 has changed many of our daily routines, many of us are realizing the importance of keeping indoor and outdoor furniture clean and regularly disinfecting often-used furniture surfaces. This is true even for exquisite, artfully crafted furniture pieces such as rattan furniture. In fact, cleaning and disinfecting your rattan furniture is one way to... [Read more]

Should you eat CBD-infused food?

Article by Express CBD StoreEarlier this year, 650 professional chefs were asked what they thought the next big trend in food would be. According to this survey, 3 in 4 chefs thought CBD-infused food would be food enthusiasts’ newest obsession. In certain states, you might even find CBD-infused food or drinks at your local grocery store or fast food restaurant. But is adding CBD to your food even... [Read more]

How to Find the Right LASIK Surgery Provider

Finding the right LASIK treatment provider can be overwhelming but following some key steps can help you find one that fits your needs. As with most big purchases, finding that balance between price and value can be tricky. Don’t Go Cheap The hefty fees associated with the procedure could convince you to search for the lowest price possible but you need to be careful. Some of the less expensive places... [Read more]

Little known benefits of Green tea

Supplements such as Cellan that contain 100 percent green tea extract can provide similar benefits of drinking five cups of green tea. Green tea contains epigallocatechin 3-gallate or more commonly known flavonoid EGCG and its benefits of improving heart health, cancer prevention, provide some relief for those who are suffering from Type 2 diabetes, weight loss and other medical benefits are well known... [Read more]

How leptin helps to lose weight?

Controlling Leptin leads to weight loss and Cellan can help to maintain leptin in your body. Understanding how leptin works is the key to weight management more specifically weight loss. Researchers at Rockefeller University were able to identify what we now call leptin in 1994. Leptin is a hormone that sends signals to the brain to do certain things. Leptin is made in your white adipose tissue or... [Read more]

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