Ready to Replace Your Replace Patio Cushions?

October 20, 2021 by · Leave a Comment 

For many homeowners, relaxing in the backyard after a hard day of work is so rewarding. You can enjoy a glass of wine and forget about all the trials and troubles. From time to time, you may want to replace your patio cushions. This can make your patio furniture look and feel new again. Instead of tossing that old patio furniture in the dumpster, simply replace the patio cushions. This is good for our environment and it’s easy on your budget. Below we offer a few tips for success.

Check out the old patio furniture. Make sure it’s still sturdy. If you need to replace any loose parts or repair anything that has been damaged, go ahead and do this. In most cases it’s simply a matter of tightening up some screws or putting in some new nails to secure the frame. Once you have that done, you’ll probably want to repaint the frame. This can be done whether it is made of wood or metal. When shopping for paint, be sure to get the type that is recommended for that particular material.

Be sure to let the paint dry thoroughly. You may want to add several coats of a clear varnish over the paint. This will protect the finish from wind and weather. These coats of varnish will also need to thoroughly dry. Drying times can change depending upon the type of paint, the surface you are painting and the weather conditions.

Now that this is done, take a good look at your patio cushions. In some cases, you can simply unzip the cushion, remove the foam rubber and replace that. Websites like The Foam Factory can cut all types of foam rubber in any size you require. If you decide to replace the entire cushion, then check at a local hardware store. Be sure to measure your old patio cushions in order to get the right size replacements.

The Foam Factory has a number of different types of foam rubber. You can choose memory foam, conventional or from any type of mattress topper. With prices so low, you can afford to try several different types to learn first-hand which you like the best.