3 Health Problems Getting a Mattress Replacement Can Help Prevent

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A good mattress is crucial for human needs, such as getting a good night’s sleep. Thus, obtaining a good mattress should be part of your healthy habits and routines. If your mattress is old and worn out, you may be susceptible to unpleasant health issues that are easily avoidable by getting a mattress replacement from a retailer such as The Foam Factory. Here are three health problems a mattress replacement can help prevent.

Back pain

Back pain may seem trivial compared to other issues on this list, but it can be a recurring problem for many. It may even interfere with your sleep schedule. If your sleep is continually interrupted by pain and discomfort, you may wake up without feeling rested and alert for the upcoming day. If your mattress causes back pain, it may be a sign that the mattress has grown flat, misshapen, and incapable of providing the right mix of support and comfort. You may want to switch to a memory foam mattress or another type of bedding at this point.


There are several ways your mattress can contribute to allergic reactions. First, you may be allergic to the material your mattress is made of. A significant number of people are allergic to common mattress materials such as foam, latex, or cotton. In these cases, you may want to get a replacement mattress made from a different material. Second, your mattress may be a nesting ground for allergy-causing dust mites. If you don’t clean your bed or add dust-proof covers to it, your allergy symptoms may be a result of these pesky microscopic creatures. You can address this problem by changing your mattress cleaning habits or buying a new hypoallergenic mattress.


Sleep-related stress is connected to back pain, the first item on this list. Both pain and an inability to get a good night’s sleep contribute significantly to stress, which can lead to other issues such as the increased risk of heart problems and high blood pressure. According to one academic study, getting the best possible bedding can reduce stress along with back pain, ensuring you can live the best possible life.

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