Is Ibogaine Dangerous?

September 9, 2022 by · Leave a Comment 

If you’re considering taking ibogaine for opiate addiction or other drug dependencies, you may have a variety of questions about the substance’s perceived efficacy and safety. Some are wary of ibogaine because of its illegal status and psychoactive nature. Others point to stories about the adverse side effects that a small fraction of ibogaine users have experienced. However, there are also many stories of people who have safely consumed ibogaine and used it as the first step toward a new life. What should potential patients know about ibogaine?

Patients should know that many medical drugs can be dangerous when taken in an improper manner or without proper medical supervision. People have overdosed on everyday drugs like acetaminophen (Tylenol) and ibuprofen (Advil). However, many people have consumed these drugs safely by following clinical guidelines and seeking doctors’ opinions if they have pre-existing medical conditions. In the same manner, patients can have a safe and effective ibogaine treatment at a medically-sound ibogaine treatment center in Mexico or any other country where it is legal.

Clinics such as the Beond Ibogaine clinic in Mexico are staffed with experienced, credentialed doctors and nurses who ensure that patients’ ibogaine treatments are as safe and effective as possible. Prior to treatment, Beond staff uses medical technology such as heart monitorization and lab work to test patients and ensure they will have no adverse reactions during the procedure and they continue to monitor patients’ conditions all throughout the treatment. The clinic uses ultra-pure samples of ibogaine that it sources from a laboratory that guarantees a purity level of 98% or higher. Beond also offers several daily therapeutic activities for a holistic healing experience for all patients. Contact them today for more details on how to start your healing journey.

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