Dental Malpractice Cases Related to Dental Equipment

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Dentists use various types of dental equipment to perform different dental procedures. They look very scary in the patient’s eyes, and the reality is that these instruments truly are scary. According to OC dental malpractice attorney Dane Levy of the Levy Law Firm, one of the most common types of dental malpractice is the one related to dental instruments.

Such cases can be of various types and are quite damaging for the patient. Some examples are provided below:

Anesthetic syringes can be misplaced and injected into sensitive nerves, which can lead to nerve injury and sometimes permanent nerve damage.

The needle of the dental syringe, if pushed too deep or too hard, can get stuck inside the gums or even break down.

Dental drills, if not placed correctly, can drill into the wrong tooth, the gums, or even the inner part of the cheek.

Dental drills, if faulty or if pressed too hard, can break off in the middle of the procedure and get stuck in the patient’s tooth.

Dental X-rays usually need to be taken multiple times before getting the desired image of the teeth. If the instrument is faulty, a clear image cannot be generated.

Dental pins are used for crown treatments. Placing the dental pins in the wrong direction, failing to drill a proper hole for the pins, and using too many or too few pins, are all possible mistakes made by dentists.

As disturbing as some of these cases sound, they are the reality for many patients around the world. Dane Levy believes an instrumental failure isn’t always the dentist’s fault. It could be an honest mistake. Regardless, they should be willing to make up for it since the damage it can cause you will be irreparable most of the time.

If you live in California and want to talk to an attorney about a case of instrumental dental malpractice, you can try to get in touch with Dane Levy. He is experienced in the field and has a good deal of success in such cases.


How to Find an Expert Dental Malpractice Attorney Los Angeles

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Blog submitted by Dane Levy Attorney of When you want to find a great dental malpractice attorney Los Angeles, please call Dane Levy for assistance.

Dental malpractice attorneys in Los Angeles work hard to ensure that their clients receive justice in their lawsuit claims. If you’ve been hurt by a dentist or orthodontist, this is very critical. If you’ve been wronged, you have the right to seek compensation. Sometimes there’s no way to repair the damage, but at the very least, you can get some financial compensation for your suffering.

That is the premise on which dental malpractice lawyers operate. They will question the patient, take notes, and inquire about the details of the incident with you. On the day of the occurrence, who was present? Were there any bystanders? Do you have any images or other proof you can show? All of this is critical in order to win your case.

If you suspect a dentist or orthodontist has hurt you, the next step is to contact a lawyer. Speak with a lawyer about your situation. You can rapidly determine whether you have a good case that could be successful in court.

The following is a summary of some of the reasons why patients feel compelled to bring a lawsuit:

Improper tooth extraction

Inadequate supervision of dental hygienists’ actions

Failure to diagnose diseases including periodontal disease and oral cancer.

Wrong placement for anchor screw drilling

Failing to address complications

Dane Levy, California dental malpractice lawyer, can provide more dental malpractice information. As a leading dental malpractice attorney Los Angeles, Dane Levy and his staff will use their knowledge to help you win your case. Please visit his website.

More dental malpractice information is available from Dane Levy, dental malpractice attorney Los Angeles. Dane Levy and his team will use their experience as a leading dental malpractice attorney in Los Angeles to help you win your case.


How Common is Dental Implant Nerve Injury?

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Blog submitted by Dane Levy Attorney at If you’ve experienced dental implant nerve injury, contact Dane Levy.

As this dental procedure becomes common, more and more patients are reporting dental implant nerve injury. This may be due to the fact that dentists are so busy and trying to get too much done in a day’s time. Another factor is that the dental industry has so many new dentists now who are just graduating from dental school. They have no experience with patients.

Though most dentists and orthodontists do try to give their patients utmost care, sometimes accidents do happen. If the nerves in your gums have been damaged, you may be experiencing high pain levels. What can be done about this? The treatment options are varied at this point and will depend on your individual case. Most people will feel more comfortable seeing a new dentist instead of returning to the one who caused the injury.

You should not have to pay for these dental services, however, you may have to contact a dental malpractice attorney in order to get this done. Dental implant nerve injury can be painful and it can be expensive to repair the damages to your gums and mouth. Your pain and discomfort can be long term.

You have three years from the date of the injury to file your claim but most attorneys agree that it’s better to take action right away. Save all your records and keep notes about what happened and the dates of treatment.

Contact Dane Levy Attorney at if you’ve experienced dental implant nerve injury. He is an experienced dental malpractice lawyer in California.