Ready for New Foam Inserts? How to Measure Tips!

June 6, 2021 by · Leave a Comment 

You can get new foam inserts for all types of cushions. You may have chair cushions in the house or in an RV. Most boats have foam cushions. When any type of foam is used a lot or exposed to wind and water, it will wear out quicker. The solution is simple. Replace the foam inserts once they start to break down or get a strange smell.

You can usually tell if the cushions have gone bad. They will lose their firmness. Sometimes bits and pieces of the foam may leak out of the cushion. If you aren’t sure, it’s best to go ahead and replace them. This is not expensive and it’s better all around. Old cushions can be hiding bacteria. They can release a fine dust. They often smell bad. For those in your family with allergies, old cushions can be a health hazard.

Your first step is to measure the cushion both diagonally and horizontally. You must also measure the depth of the cushion. Remember that it may not be a thick as it once was due to the fact that it’s older now and the foam has broken down.

It’s better to buy foam inserts that may be a bit too large for the covering than getting cushions that are too small and will not fit the cover properly.

One good thing about foam inserts is that they can be cut very easily. You can buy a larger piece of foam and cut it down to whatever size you need.

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