Quick and easy ways to clean and disinfect rattan furniture

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As COVID-19 has changed many of our daily routines, many of us are realizing the importance of keeping indoor and outdoor furniture clean and regularly disinfecting often-used furniture surfaces. This is true even for exquisite, artfully crafted furniture pieces such as rattan furniture. In fact, cleaning and disinfecting your rattan furniture is one way to preserve it and keep it looking pristine for years to come.

It’s relatively easy to make a cleaning solution for rattan furniture. All you need is some water and dishwashing liquid. Add no more than one teaspoon of liquid to the water and make sure the solution begins to bubble. You’ll want to dip a cloth into the bubbles but not the water and use that cloth to wipe your furniture. Unless your rattan furniture is made for the outdoors, moisture can be damaging to it, which is why it’s best to avoid exposing the rattan to water. You might also want to vacuum or dust off your rattan furniture pieces, since they are also prone to dust and it’s a good way to keep them clean without using water.

If you need to remove tough stains, mold and mildew spots, or give your furniture extra disinfecting, you might consider also using bleach on your rattan furniture. After making a solution of a small amount of bleach and a large amount of water, you can dampen a brush with a small amount of solution and use it to scrub. Just make sure you rinse and dry your furniture afterwards to prevent damage.

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